Monday, 11 February 2013

How To Wrap Puppy To Treat Anxiety

Puppy's and dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety just like humans. The puppy's anxiety can be triggered by loud noises like thunder and fireworks,changes in environment and routine,separation from owner,travel and many more disruptions in their lives.
Your puppy needs to be calmed and given comfort during stressful times. Parents swaddle and wrap their baby to comfort them and get them to sleep soundly this same method of swaddling and can be used in a puppy version. The constant gentle pressure of the wrapping will sooth and relax your puppy elevating the anxiety.
There is a particular way to wrap your pet using a bandage there are also particular products that you can purchase such as the anxiety wrap.

  • Have your pet in standing position.

  • Fold the bandage in half place the middle of the bandage across their chest below his neck above his two front legs

  • Bring the ends of the bandage up and cross them above the shoulder blades and take them underneath the body behind the front legs and cross them again

  • Bring the ends of the bandage up again and tie the ends over the top of the lower back. Ensure that the wrap feels snug but not tight.

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