Sunday, 24 February 2013

How to Whiten a Dogs White Fur

A dogs white coat can be difficult to maintain. Even after a good wash there can still be brown stains left behind on the fur. The white shows off the colour stains and some soiling can be difficult to remove from the coat especially if it is thick fur.

Dog tears  cause brown stains on the face fur and are difficult to remove. The dog uses the tears to clean their eyes. The dogs tears leave an iron sediment on your dog which can rust, hence the brown stains around the eyes.

Water that contains a high mineral content can also cause brown colouration of the fur. When the dog drinks water with a high mineral content and then drools and licks her lips iron sediment is deposited on the fur which rusts causing discolouration around the pets jaw. This problem can be solved  by giving your pet quality water.

Shampoos that are not suited to your dog can cause discoloration of the fur.

Some dogs loose their beautiful white coat shine as they get older.
Regular grooming will greatly improve the appearance of your dogs white coat.
A good dog diet will ensure that your pet will have the healthiest and brightest coat possible.
There are special dog shampoos that are great for whitening and removing stains.

Wash your dog as he/she gets dirty.
Use gentle products that will not strip your dogs coat of essential natural oils.
Apply a conditioner after shampoo to prevent drying and damage.
Ensure that you rinse your dogs coat well.
Use a hypoallergenic shampoo and purified water as tap water may contain hard minerals that dull the white coat.

Cornstarch is a product that most have in the kitchen and can be used to improve the white shine of the dogs coat.
First you should wash condition and  thoroughly dry your dog with a high quality whitening shampoo.
Apply some cornstarch through your dogs fur until it is not visible. You can apply the cornstarch once a week.

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