Thursday, 9 May 2013

Homemade Puppy Popsicles

Homemade puppy popsicles are great for keeping your puppy cool on  long hot summer days. They are economical and easy to prepare.

 Recipe 1
 1        cup of plain yogurt
 1        banana
 2tbs   honey
 2tbs   natural peanut butter
Mash up the banana and blend all the ingredients together. Place in ice cube tray. Freeze in freezer.
Recipes 2
1           tin of tuna
2           cups of natural plain yogurt
1/2       cup of shredded carrot
Mix all the ingredients together and place in small paper cups. Freeze in freezer.
Spoon some cottage cheese into ice cube trays or small paper cups. Sink small pieces of chicken into each space. Freeze in freezer.
You can put dog treats in icecubes. You can also give your pup plain ice cubes to knaw on. Mixing some gravey and water and placing the mixture in  icecube trays to freeze is a quick economical treat.