Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dogs and Hayfever

Like humans dogs may suffer from hayfever.

Dogs are most prone to hayfever during the Summer months and early Autumn. But they may suffer as early as April.

They suffer due to  tree pollen and  grass pollen.

The inhalation and  skin contact with pollen causes hayfever in dogs.

A dog usually will show the first signs of hayfever between 1 and 3 years old.

A dogs reaction to hayfever is different to humans due to the fact that the histamines are released through their skin not their nose and eyes like humans.

The Symptoms Of Dog Hayfever

They will be itchy all over their body.

The dog may bite and scratch themselves.

A rash may be visible on their face and feet.

Reoccurring ear infections.

The hair around their eyes and feet will thin.

Coat loss due to extensive biting and scratching.

Sensitive to being touched.

Extra licking of their paws.

Rubbing their faces on the floor and furniture.

They may have watery eyes, a runny nose and sneeze but these symptoms are less common in dogs.

The skin may appear red and inflamed due to the scratching.

The dog is at risk of catching a bacterial infection when the skin surface is broken from the biting and scratching.

Reducing Hayfever In Dogs

Ensure that your dog has a well balanced diet with enough essential fatty acids that will keep your dogs natural skin defences in peck condition.

Keep your dog out of long grasses and gardens during high pollen days.

Keep your dog well groomed. Daily brushing and dematting of the dogs coat is needed.

Wipe down your dog if he/she has being in the garden or field. The wiping down with a wet cloth will remove any pollen on the coat.

Invest in a dog shampoo that's specially made for irritated skin.

There are pet brushes and shampoos that are specifically catered for dogs with hayfever.

Supplements and homoeopathic treatments should ease the dogs symptoms if used over a period of time.

Wash your dogs bedding weekly.

In more severe cases you may need to consider allergen shots for your dog.