Friday, 18 January 2013

Introducing Puppy to Adult Dogs

A well organised introduction will ensure that your puppy and older dog will get along well. Its a good idea to have the first introduction in a neutral place like a park, friends place etc. This will prevent the older dog from getting aggressive trying to protect his turf.
  • Have both dogs of the lead. Be relaxed you don't want your older dog to feed of your tension and fear. IF you fear your older dog may aggressive have their first meeting with a chain fence between them for safety of the puppy.
  • Do not hold the puppy in your arms when you are introducing pup to older dog
  • Do not put them in a small space together
  • Once you are comfortable with the safety levels take both dogs for a walk beside each other with a friend.

  • After 15 minutes of walking allow a snout to snout meeting.
  • Let them sniff each other and give great praise. Give them each a special treat.
  • If they are showing signs of a fight intervene
  • Let them play together the puppy more than likely will understand to be submissive to the older dog.
  • The first meeting should not be too long. Its best to end the first meeting with both dog and puppy leaving feeling happy.
  • Once the meeting has been a success in the neutral place they can then meet the next day in your garden.

  • There should be only one dog and puppy meeting at a time. Not two or more dogs and a puppy
  • Don't let them get too excited. 
  • When you bring your pup inside have him alone first to sniff around. Remove anything that your older dog might guard before you bring the older dog in like a blanket, bones etc.
  • Then bring in your older dog. Let him see the pup inside the home
  • Don't leave the puppy alone with the older dog until you are confident that they get along. And know how to play safely. Some older dogs play rough not meaning harm. You do not want to have the terrible tragedy that Miley Cyrus had with her dogs. They should be supervised for a week or two
  • The odd gnarl or lip curl is normal for the older dog as they might get annoyed by the pup at times.

  • Keep the older dogs routine the same.
  • Have alone time with both dogs so you can bond with the puppy and your older dog feels secure.
  • If you leave the puppy with the older dog all the time it may not bond with you

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