Monday, 14 January 2013

What To Do When Puppy Goes Off Food

If your puppy suddenly goes off their food then the first point of call is to contact  your vet if all illness has be ruled out then you can set about solving the problem. Make sure that your puppy is not getting access to the neighbour's dog food or food from the rubbish bin.

If your puppy will still eat human food and not his own kibble then more than likely the puppy is not unwell. It could be a sign of behavioural problems that need to be addressed so don't give in to those cute puppy dog eyes. Dogs are smart and if they realise that they can get lots of extra attention by not eating and being fussy with their food then they will master this habit. When they discover that by holding out and not eating their boring kibble they will get tasty human food then they will. 

  • Stop petting your puppy while they are eating
  • Do not hand feed the puppy
  • Soak the kibble in water
  • Heat up the puppy kibble
  • Don't let your puppy beg at the table
  • Feed during family meal times in their own area
  • Great praise when they eat their food
  • Only leave the food out for 15 minutes
  • Perhaps they have an upset stomach feed them boiled rice, cottage cheese and chicken for 24 hours and then try their regular food
  • The food you are giving them may be out of date ensure that you feed your puppy a high quality pet food

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