Monday, 14 January 2013

Puppy Burps

Burping is due to there been too much air in the stomach. The burp is the release of this air.
The cause of this is usually from eating or drinking at a rapid speed which pups love to do.
Giving your pup smaller amounts of water may help alleviate the burping. Also there a special dog bowels available that reduce the speed in which your pup can eat their food. There are knobs on the bowel which the pup has to eat around thus reducing the speed in which they can gobble. So if your pup eats and drinks slower the burping will be greatly reduced.

Your pup may also burp due to a change in their diet. If a puppy is having a bad reaction to a new kibble they will have smelly burps. You must ensure that you introduce the new kibble slowly mixed with the old kibble and that it is of a good quality trusted brand.

If your puppy is burping along with coughing up blood and vomiting then its time to worry and call the vet. Any signs of discomfort then a vet should be called. There could be a stomach obstruction.

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