Saturday, 17 March 2012

Third Stage of Puppy Development (8 to 12 weeks)

This third stage is often known as the fear period. Curiosity is replaced with fearfulness. This is the stage where they learn to be cautious. They seem terrified of things that they would have taken  in their stride before this stage. Anything that frightens them at this point may have a lasting negative impact. Careful socialisation at this stage helps reduce greatly fear reactions. Loud noises and traumatic events should be  avoided.
At 8 weeks I was able to introduce the orphan puppies to different people and animals as they had their full vaccines. It will do your puppy a great service to meet many people animals etc so that they will be familiar and not fearful of things and people in the future. Don't over react if a puppy shows fear towards someone else just use a happy positive tone in your voice to show him/her  that there is nothing  to be fearful of.
The puppy's learn their basic commands how to sit, stand etc. At this age the pups began to sleep through the night. Most of their time is dedicated to play. At 10 weeks the puppies really begin to test their boundaries. They are rebels without a cause act like they have learned nothing. The puppy begins to test you but you must stay in control.

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