Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fourth Stage of Puppy Development(3 months to four months)

This is the puppies toddler stage. The puppies gain alot more independence. They are testing the rules during this juvenile stage seeing what the limits are. With this independence they start to ignore the commands that they just learned. You will wonder where your lovely puppies have gone to for a while. You may also notice that the pup will try alot of play biting with you. Nipping at your heals and hands. A strong NO and ignore the puppy should stop this bold behaviour. Alot of practise of commands should be done with the puppy at this stage. The pups have more coordination.  The Puppy is going to have a teething cycle he will have some pain. There is alot of chewing watch out for your furniture. I purchased an anti chew spray for furniture but the puppies liked to lick it off and then continue chewing. Training during this stage is vital to having a happy well behaved dog in the future. You should also go to puppy socialisation classes if they are available in your area. Puppies will be learning the consequences of their behaviour but they will be at times stubborn. There will be alot of running, biting, chasing, digging, affection. There is an increase in the puppies hormones also. The way you play is also important. Don't be too rough as when the puppy is older he will be more difficult to handle.

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