Saturday, 10 March 2012

Temperature and Bedding neonatal period

When the puppies are in the neonatal stage make sure the nest box is clean and stable. Not too big but big enough for the puppies to be able to turn around in. Make sure that the bedding does not allow the puppies to get tangled. Ensure the puppies cannot fallout of the box. Clean towels are best for the bedding. Puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature. They lack the shiver reflex. In their natural environment the mother dog would keep them warm. You will need to use hot water bottles, heat pads or a heat lamp to keep the puppies temperature regulated for the first few weeks. Have the hot water bottle or heat pad at one side of the box so that if the puppies get too warm they can move away from it. If a puppy is chilled warm them up very slowly too quick could kill them. If a newborns rectal temperature drops below 94 degrees Fahrenheit it will stop nursing. The puppies nest box should be at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 Celsius) for the first week. At 80 degrees Fahrenheit the second week. When the puppy is a month old it will be content at room temperature. Make sure that the puppies living area is away from other people animals and children. The puppies can easily pick up infections at this neonatal stage before they have their inoculations.

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