Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fading Puppy Syndrome

This is  often a tragic condition which leads to the death of the puppy. It affects puppies under 12 weeks of age. Sometimes in a litter of puppies a puppy or puppies that were perfect and vigorous at birth will begin to fade at a week or two weeks old. They will stop growing, crawling, nursing and will not gain weight. They may also cry continuously and will not be able to stay upright. The puppies get very ill very quickly. They will only last 48 hours without vet care. Despite early and aggressive vet care the mortality rate is very high. There is usually no clear cause for the condition. Some experts say it may be due to birth defects, infections or environmental stress. Watch out for the puppy that lies away from the other litter mates, constant crying, restless and failure to nurse. The vet will often supply extra warmth, fluids, glucose, tube feed, perhaps a blood transfusion and oxygen. The puppy may also be given antibiotics and parasiticides. A Plasma Transfusion from a healthy vaccinated dog has been shown to give great results in curing fading puppy. Here is an article about a dog owner who has had an experience with fading  puppy.

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