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Homemade Raw Dog Food

If you are worried about the preservatives and additives that are in your commercial dog food you should consider a raw homemade diet for your pet. Raw dog food diets are controversial but they are becoming more popular.

A lack of red meat in a dogs diet can cause health problems. Wolves in the wild do not have as many health problems as our domesticated pets.

There can be risks for humans and dogs with  bacteria in the raw diet.

Many pets have depressed immune systems and health problems which are linked to improper nutrition.

This method of feeding is often called Raw feeding. Raw feeding is the practise of feeding your dog a diet primarily of uncooked meat, bones and organs.

Supporters  of the raw diet claim that the dogs health vastly improves when eating raw, their coat becomes thicker and glossier ,their eyes brighter, teeth and breath problems are eliminated, their behaviour problems reduced and an increase in energy and alertness.
The critics of the raw food diet say that there are too many risks with the raw food diet such as foodbourne illnesses, nutritional imbalances and intestinal perforations.

With raw dog food you can hope to give your dog healthy and dog palate pleasing meals.
A dogs raw meal should consist mostly of raw meat with extras such as dairy products and vegetables.
You can supplement your dogs diet with dog  vitamins to ensure they get everything they need especially while growing.
There are commercial raw food diets available such as Nature Variety's Instint Raw Frozen Formula's

You need to study what nutrients your dog needs before you attempt the crossover from shop bought dog food to home made raw dog food.
A dog should have a large portion of its diet consisting of protein at least 50%.
This protein can be sourced from beef,chicken,lamb and turkey. Vegetables and eggs can also be a source of protein but not a large portion.
Your dog can eat grains and vegetables but they need to be cooked before the dog is fed them.
Dogs are carnivores and are not as efficient in breaking down vegetables as they are meat.
A dog will not thrive if it is fed a diet heavy in grains.
With the raw food diet the dog is less likely to suffer from obesity and obesity related diseases.

The homemade raw dog food includes the raw meaty bone. One must note that a raw bone is not harmful to a dog but a cooked bone is. Don't give your dog a cooked bone as it can splinter and be a health hazard for your dog.
The raw meaty bones that are suited for dogs are chicken necks backs and legs, lamb breast and neck and  pork breast and necks. The raw meaty bone can make up 20% to 30% of the dogs diet. Too much bone can cause  constipation. If your dog is straining when going to poop or if the poop comes out white and crumbly then reduce the amount of bone in their diet.
Your dogs meals should never be spicy or greasy.
Some small dogs may not be suitable for the raw meaty bone as it may be a choking hazard.
You can also serve the raw meaty bone ground up, it still has all the health benefit's but  is easier for your dog to eat and safer.

When you are changing over to a homemade raw dog food your pet may have a change in their poop. Your dogs digestive system needs to adjust to the change.

Organ meats are important in your raw food dog food. They should make up around 5% of your dogs meal. The liver and kidneys provide alot of nutrients. You can also include heart and other organs in your dogs diet.

Muscle meat needs to be included in the raw dogfood plan. Its recommend that it is 70% to 80% of the diet. Use lean meat not too fatty. You can use beef, chicken, turkey or lamb.

There should be a variety in what food you use for your raw dog food diet. Don't feed your dog only on beef. You should never feed one kind of food as more than half the diet.

You can include natural yogurt and cottage cheese in your dogs diet.
Eggs can be fed cooked or uncooked with the yolk or without. Some believe its best to serve the whole egg with shell  to get the most nutrition out of it.

Puppies can also benefit from the raw food diet. When dealing with puppies you need to be extra precise in your portions. You can add goats milk to their meal. Don't over feed  with bone ensure that there is enough meat on the bone so that they don't  have problems with over exposure to calcium. You should include puppy supplements to their diet.
Vegetables, Fruits ,Grains

Dogs do not require carbohydrates in their diet.
In the wild carbohydrates would only be a small percentage of their natural diet.
Vegetables should not be a large percentage of the dogs diet. Dogs digestive systems are not able to break down whole uncooked vegetables so its best to cook the vegetables before you feed them to your pet. Dogs do not have the digestive enzymes to break down the cellulose walls that are found in the outer layers of fruits and vegetables. The cooking and steaming of the vegetables help break down the cellulose walls. Some vegetables will be sufficient when they are put through the blender. If some types of vegetables are not cooked they will have little nutritional value for your pet.
One should aim to provide their dog with organic produce  as the less additives and preservatives your dog is exposed to the better.
Vegetables that are dog friendly are carrots, broccoli but don't feed broccoli in large amounts as it can depress the thyroid function, kale, green beans, pumpkin which is great for your pet if they are prone to constipation or diarrhoea only one or two tablespoons in your pets diet make a great difference, sweet potatoes, cucumber and celery.
Some dogs really turn their noses up at vegetables if this is the case you could try to use fresh food supplements that are catered for dogs.

Most fruits just need a spin in the blender then they are ready to serve for  your pet.
There is a long list of fruits that are viable for your pets diet.
Cantaloupe, apples, papaya watermelonblueberries, cranberries, pears, bananas and mangoes to name but a few.

But you must be aware of the fruits and vegetables that need to be avoided for the health of your dog.
Avoid onions, onions can cause a severe reaction in some dogs.
Avoid grapes and raisins, grapes and raisins are extremely toxic to dogs and can lead to acute renal failure.
Spinach can affect calcium absorption in dogs.
Peppers can aggravate arthritis in dogs tomatoes and eggplant can also be problematic. Use sweet potatoes instead of potatoes as potatoes can aggravate arthritis in dogs.

Grains can cause many health problems in dogs. Grains may be less expensive but a dogs health will be improved with the reduction of grains in his diet and an increase in animal based foods. This is the problem with many cheap shop bought dog foods. There is a high grain content and a small amount of meat content.
Over feeding of grains can cause IBD, arthritis, allergies, incontinence, digestive disorders and chronic ear infections.
A dog on a high grain diet will be over weight and have a poor muscle mass.

Raw Dog Food Recipe              

175g Raw meaty bones             
225g Lean muscle meat           
60g   Liver or Kidney                
1       Egg                                   
100g Carrots
Puppy Chow 8-12 Weeks
1/2 lb      Ground Beef
1/2 tsp    Bone Meal
1/2 cup   Blended 
1/2 tsp    Flax Seed Oil
1 lb          Beef
1-1/2      Cups Greens and Carrots
1 tsp       Kelp Flakes
1 tsp       Flaxseed Oil

Half Cup Cottage cheese
Half Cup Grated carrot
5             Chicken Wings
1tsp        Flaxseed oil

The amount of ingredients in your raw dog food depends on the weight of your dog.
You should be feeding the dog 2% to 3% of the dog body weight or 1/2lb of food to 25lb of body weight.
Puppies should be feed 10% of their body weight.

Suggested in the preparation of raw feed diet.
80% of muscle meat
10% of organ meet
10% of raw meaty bone

If there is a good amount of meat on the raw meaty bone it can take a higher percentage in the diet.

1 egg, some think that an egg a day is too much.
Green tripe can make up to 15% of the overall diet.

Your dog will go through a detox when changing to organic raw homemade dog food.

There are dog supplements available. If your dog is getting a well balanced diet they may not need these. But adding them into the diet could add extra health benefits.

Keep an eye on your dogs weight ensure that its appropriate for their breed and age.

Consider adding  kelp, chia seeds or  flax oil to your dogs meals.

You should fast your dog for 24 hours before introducing the raw food diet. But ensure that your pet has access to water.

You can give your dog raw honey for its antibacterial benefits.

Do not mix kibble and raw as it takes longer for the dog to digest the kibble and this can cause stomach upset.

You can buy readymade raw dog food

Remember meat not grain for a healthy, happy hound.

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