Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need

The right amount of exercise will improve their health and behaviour.
Dogs have lots of energy and they will release this energy constructivly through exercise and active play or distructivly through barking, digging, ripping up furniture etc.

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on the age, size breed and general health. All dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.
Active dog breeds will need at least one hour of hard aerobic exercise a day.
You should aim to exercise your dog physicaly and mentaly. Have variety in your exercise routine. Go hiking in new areas, try different streets to walk on, use different toys find a dog buddy for your dog to exercise with.

Inactive dogs are usually overweight. Overweight dogs are prone to many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, worsening arthritus and respiratory diseases. The dogs joints and musels are stressed when they are overweight also. An overweight dog is a miserable dog.

Dog parks are a great place to exercise your dog, ensure that your dog is fully inoculated before you bring him/her to the dog park.
Dont exercise your dog outside if the weather conditions are extreme.

Puppies have lots of energy but they need to have frequent but short exercise sessions.
Puppies need rest for their bodies to grow. Exercising your puppy is a great bonding experience.

Like humans there are many different ways your dog can be exercised they can go hiking, swimming, play catch or frisbee, do  agility courses, go jogging or running with you etc.
Trying different activities this will make it more exciting for you and your dog.

Dont over do the exercise with your dog, learn your dogs limits and know when he/she is overtired. If your dog is panting heavily or falling behind let the dog rest for a little and then resume the fun.

Keep your dog hydrated while exercising. Older dogs prefer shorter but more frequent exercise sessions.

When your dog is getting enough exercise they will sleep well,  have a good appetite, a relaxed apperance and will look great.

When you are exercising your pet in different terrain keep an eye on their paws. Check their paws for injuries such as foregin objects.

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