Monday, 16 April 2012

Brushing Your Puppies Teeth

Puppy will have a longer happier healthier life if you brush pups teeth. Puppies have baby teeth. They do not get their adult teeth until they are 6 months and over.
Dogs like humans need proper dental care. Food gets stuck in their teeth like us resulting in a plaque build up. Plaque results in painful gingivitis. The gingivitis can then lead to tooth loss. Brush the puppies teeth once a day or at least once a week. Start brushing the puppies teeth at 8 weeks. During the socialisation stage. Even though these are baby teeth its best to start at this age, so that the puppy will have no problem with you brushing their adult teeth. Use dog toothpaste not human toothpaste. Human toothpaste can make your puppy sick. Introduce the toothpaste to the puppy by letting him/her lick it of your finger. Then rub it on his/her gums/teeth. When your puppy is happy with this start using the puppy tooth brush. After brushing give puppy a reward like a special treat and lots of praise. You can also give your puppy dental sticks for puppies. Its great for their doggy breath also. You should get your dogs teeth professionally cleaned by your vet once a year. Feeding your puppy dry food is better for his teeth than wet food ie dry kibble. Healthy snacks like apples are good for your pups teeth. Buy your pup some dental toys.

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  1. Last week, I decided to adopt a new puppy and I'm sure my son will be happy because he will gain a new friend. I noticed yesterday that our 6 months Labrador puppy has a little bit tartar in his teeth. I'm thinking to brush his teeth, but I don't know how so, I tried to look at the tips in the Vets Somerset and other articles like yours. I learned from the information I read in your blogs. For more information please visit this link: